Mars is civilized. Enter our world.

Martians do it systematically, always in tight colaboration with clients. Strategy, analysis, idea, design and result are parts of the visual communications mosaic. The Martians’ varied skill sets cover all sections of a project’ lifecycle. Martians design anything from logos and texts to interiors and corporate identity for printed and digital media.

Basic Identity Assets

  • Corporate identity
  • Trademarks/logos
  • Occasional and jubilee logos
  • Business stationery
  • Annual reports
  • Occasional prints
  • Guiding systems

Marketing and advertising

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Print and web ads
  • Posters, mobile ads
  • Brochures and leaflets
  • Promotional material
  • Photography
  • Writing texts

Electronic media

  • Presentation websites
  • Online stores and catalogues
  • Interactive presentations
  • Newsletters
  • Online advertising
  • Social networks
  • Animation and video

Interior and Product Design

  • Fair presentations
  • Events (conferences, promotions)
  • POS presentations
  • Office furnishing
  • Wall graphics and 3D objects
  • Wayfinding systems
  • Product design, packaging

Mars is creative.

We believe in the power of ideas and accuracy of implementation. First, we explore the core of a problem, then we find a way to solve it. Every problem is a challenge and every challenge improves our creativity.


Mars is populated.

We listen, we ask, and above all, we create. We do what we believe in, not forgetting how to have fun.


Mars is hospitable.

Our clients firmly believe in their work and what they offer their business partners and customers. On Mars, they are gladly helped in constructing a close-knit relationship with their target audience.

  • Advantage Austria
  • Aetas
  • Alese
  • Arhitekturni biro Štrukelj
  • Avavias (Griffline)
  • Beep Institute
  • Beltone
  • British Council
  • British Embassy Ljubljana
  • CGS plus
  • Datalab
  • Dines
  • Domača peka
  • Elea iC
  • Empor
  • Espresso (illy)
  • Favum
  • Fizioterapija Grosuplje
  • Geodetska družba
  • iC consulenten
  • iConstruct
  • ILF
  • Itaia
  • ITEM
  • ITA Slovenija
  • Kartografija
  • Klinika PET VET
  • Kobi Interieri
  • Konec
  • LAB3
  • LexTra
  • Limnos
  • MAN Bus & Truck Slovenija
  • Maremico (Lectus, Leticia)
  • MDM
  • Mercis
  • Miran Tepeš
  • Oberressl & Kantz
  • Odvetnica Ana Filipov
  • One Fiction Factory
  • PEG podatkovniki
  • Polymorph
  • Senshin
  • Tiring
  • Toskana
  • Vinska hiša Bjana
  • VOGA

Mars can be found easily.

Establishing contact is simple.

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